Our online store is now up and running

Starting Northern ReExposure
July 9, 2015

People tell us we must start a blog. Our online store is now up and running and has been a huge learning experience.  It is time to start blogging.

Whenever people ask what our business is, I just say “we sublimate my watercolors onto ceramic tiles and cutting boards, and they can be used as gift items, decorative art, back splashes and so on.” The next question is usually “what is sublimation?” My answer to that is “it requires a heat press, special printer and many hours of learning how to use this equipment.” I then refer them to my daughter, Marcia, who is my business partner and best friend. She can answer these questions better than I.

From the start of Northern ReExposure in 2010 to the start of our online store, this has been a great experience for both of us. Fortunately, Marcia’s husband, Thor has been a huge support and help with details we cannot comprehend.

We get so excited every time a new tile is taken off the heat press or we see the expression on someone’s face when they see the tiles for the first time. We know we are on a great, new adventure.



  1. Ginger says:

    Can tell that all your hard work has paid off. Beautiful website.
    All of your creations look wonderful. Much success to you and Marcia.

  2. Ipo Minniear says:

    Hallelujah! Absolutely beautiful art and website! I am so excited for you, Marcia and Thor in this new venture. Many blessings…warmest aloha…Ipo

  3. Pamela says:

    You guys are awesome. I love your tiles….I have been gifted a number of them and they are lovely. I wish you guys the best on your business venture. This website is awesome !!

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