Starting Northern ReExposure

Our online store is now up and running
July 9, 2015

Starting Northern ReExposure with my mother, Mara has been a great experience. There has been so much new information to learn and a lot of hard work from the beginning to where we are today.

Mara is the one who creates the artwork. I produce the tiles, coasters and other products you see in our store from her artwork. The imprinting is accomplished using a special printer, special sublimation transfer inks and paper, and a heat press. I won’t go into a lot of technical descriptions because I am not a technical person. I just know how to do this process, it works and the results are stunning. I learn something new every day. It is so exciting to see how each painting transfers to the different surfaces.





blog02I once imprinted an entire 5 foot tall watercolor painting oblog01nto a 3″ x 6″ tile and it turned out amazing. Next time I will tell you about the wooden napkin holder.

My grandson’s father, Shae used to call us “Big” M and “Lil” M so I will sign off from now on as… “Lil” M




  1. Kevin Parent says:

    Congratulations on all your hard work coming together so nicely!! It all looks beautiful! I love you both!!

  2. Ginger says:

    Looks great my friend. You are now in business. All the hard work will
    pay off. Love to you and Mom

  3. Jean says:

    BEAUTIFUL Job! I am clicking through all your tabs and checking it out! Moose and Bear still my fav!

  4. Ipo Minniear says:

    Absolutely AWESOME!!! Your creativity and accomplishments are impressive. No doubt “NrE” is going to be a big success. God bless you always and abundantly. Warmest Aloha….Ipo

  5. Patti Stott says:

    Your products are so beautiful and unique just like their creators. It is nice to share this beautiful art with others. Thank you from one who appreciates it very much.

  6. pattistott says:

    Colin and I just received our tile order and are so very pleased with it. Mara’s art made into a tile makes it more vivid. We love the summer one we ordered because it has a gentle and warm feeling to it. We are so pleased to have something special like this from long-time friends and will love showing it to all our friends.

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